New Critters in Dizzywood

There are some new critters that you can get in Dizzywood. They are only available in the exclusives store for now so they cost money to buy but there is also a contest going on and the winning team will get a critter adoption certificate. I think that means they get a critter for free.

To do the contest you need to go all the way to Gilbert Square East. It’s in Canal City. There is a stage there and on that stage is a thing with all the new critters on it. Click on it and choose which critter team you want to play on. Then click on the bucket that is next to it and you can collect elixir to get points for your team. The team with the most points wins!

The new critters are really cute.

New Critters in Dizzywood

Dizzywood Halloween

I know it’s been a long time since I have posted so I’m going to make up for it with a long post about all the fun stuff going on in Dizzywood for Halloween. There are a whole bunch of cool and fun things to do and it sounds like some surprises too.

Ravenloft Manor

OK I don’t know too much about this now because Dizzywood is keeping a lot of this a secret but if you have been to Presto’s Edge recently you’ve probably seen the huge gates that have appeared in the back. Behind those gates is a mansion that belongs to someone named Bram Dracovich. He is a vampire and he doesn’t want people in his mansion but Dizzywood posted that Gold Explorers will get a key to get inside for Halloween. So there’s probably going to be a big party and fun for Gold Explorers. But maybe not for regular users. :(

Halloween Costumes

There are some new and old Halloween Costumes and Groomfur’s store. You can get into Groomfur’s from either Presto’s Edge or Canal City. I think there are even more coming soon.

Special Critter – Crested Fluppy

There is a new critter for Gold Explorers (all the good stuff is for Golds!!) and it is called the Crested Fluppy. It’s really cute!

OK that’s all the news for now. I will post again once the gates to the Manor open. There’s also a rumor that sometimes Bram appears inside the gates so you might see him if you hang out in Presto’s Edge.

Two messages on beach

There are two bottles washed up on the shores of Breakwater Beach in Dizzywood. They have messages from Admiral Hawksbill and he’s talking about a party. So I think there’s going to be a huge party coming really soon on Dizzywood. Woo-hoo! Party time!

This is the first message that appeared:

Dizzywood Message in a bottle 01

This is the second message that appeared:

Dizzywood Message in a Bottle 02

Dizzywood Bake Sale

Bake sale in Dizzywood! Go to Presto’s Edge and there is a bake sale there. Mmmm. Just in time because I was getting super hungry. Yum. Cupcakes.

Dizzywood Bake Sale

New plants in Dizzywood

Hi people. there are new plants in Dizzywood and they are super cool. To get the new plants go to Wildwood Glen and pick up the purple balls of bubbling mulch. After you pick up 25, you will get a bucket of bubbling mulch. Now go to Garden Gazebo and click on Kat de Claw’s wheelbarrow.

Kat will give you Circus Flower seeds as a reward. You can go back to Wildwood Glen and get more mulch and Kat will give you more seeds. There are four or maybe five new plants. I don’t have them all yet.

Here is what the mulch looks like in Wildwood glen.

Mulch in Dizzywood

April Fool’s Day

Yay! It is April Fool’s Day on Dizzywood and it is my favorite holiday. The rock bogies are being silly again on DW. There are some that will slime you and make you turn green and others that will play games with you and give you cool prizes like a backwards hat and a trick towel. They are fun!

Weather Wizards

Weather Wizards

The Weather Wizards are back in Dizzywood. They are all standing next to the sign that goes to the Canal City Road. If you click on the big black pot they are standing around you can get a new mission. Oh and it is raining in the road area but not raining anywhere else in Dizzywood. And Grool Grubnibber is on the road!

Canal City Road

There are construction signs and cones near the closed road sign in Presto’s Grove. When you click on the sign it says:

The road to Canal City is infested with monsters and closed until they can be driven away

Dizzywood Canal City Entrance

I think this means that Canal City will be opening really soon but that we need to do something about the monsters first. There are a lot of new missions about the monsters too. You can’t drive them away yet but you can collect repellent by doing the Monstrous Rumor and the Galvanize the Repellent missions. Thank U M for the guides. You rock!

Garden Guru Mission

OK so this is not a new mission but I just did it on Dizzywood and it is super easy so everyone should do this mission for a quick 100 coins. Click on the Garden Guru mission in your missions area and accept the mission. You will get a bottle of Kat’s Moxie Mulch and you need to deliver it to her.

Kat's Mulch

Now go to the Garden Gazebo and then click on Kat de Claw as soon as you arrive. That’s it! 100 coins! You also get a ton of new gardening missions.

Winter Party

Chief Poobah announcement

Kat de Claw has announced that the Winter Festival in Dizzywood has begun. I’m soooo excited. There is a new room called Farthing’s Pond and the snow is falling all over the place. The winter party is so much fun. The best part is definitely the ice skating. You can get free ice skates in Farthing’s Pond and a cool secret is that you can skate on the frozen river in Tanglevine Jungle.

There is also a snowman in Presto’s Edge that you can click on to get free hats!

Dizzywood Free Hats

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